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General Books:  NDU Library is well stocked with its holdings of about 96,000 books and professional journals on disciplines of interest including military history, defence and security studies, nuclear studies, terrorism, religion, economics, politics, international relations, public policy and governance, internal affairs of Pakistan, etc. The printed materials, both reference, non-reference and journals are kept on open shelves. The books have been classified and arranged on the shelves using Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme (DDC) with some modifications in placement to facilitate their use. Researchers’ acquaintance with the library classification system helps them a lot in saving their precious time. Members are expected to get themselves acquainted with the scheme of arrangement and be able to locate materials of their interest.

Reference Books:  The reference materials have been arranged in a separate location named “Reference Section” which is the core of research support activities. Some of the significant categories of publications held in this section include Encyclopedias, Jane’s Publications, Dictionaries, Year Books, Atlases, Almanacs, Annual Reports, Economic Surveys, Military Year Books, etc.