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Title: Afghanistan politics and economics in a globalising state
Author: Ibrahimi, Niamatullah; Marley, William it
CallNo: 958.1047 IBR
Publisher: Routledge , 11 New Fetter Lane, ondon EC4P 4EE, London, United Kingdom , 2020 Detail

Title: Analysis of the Primary Driver for China Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) Security versus Economics Maritime Silk Road China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) Infrastructure Network Project
Author: USA Department of Defence
CallNo: 333.5105 DOD
Publisher: Government of USA , USA , 2019 Detail

Title: Analyzing foreign policy
Author: Beach, Derek; Petersen, Rasmus Brun
CallNo: 327.101 BEA
Publisher: Macmillan international , Not Available , 2020 Detail

Title: Battle for Pakistan : the bitter US friendship and a tough neighbourhood
Author: Shuja Nawaz
CallNo: 954.91/327 SHU
Publisher: Liberty Publishing , Karachi , 2019 Detail

Title: Blood over different shades of green
Author: Ikram Sehgal; Robotka, Bettina
CallNo: 954.9/355 IKR
Publisher: Oxford University Press , 5- banglore Town, sharae Faisal,Karachi,Pakistan , 2020 Detail

Title: CPEC a Precursor to Regional Economic Growth and Stability
Author: Zafar Iqbal Cheema; CSIC; SVI
CallNo: R-327.5105 ZAF
Publisher: Strategic Vision Institute , Not Available , 2019 Detail

Title: Daesh ISIS : Rising Monster World Wide
Author: Rehman Malik
CallNo: 305.697 REH
Publisher: Mediaminds , Production , 2019 Detail

Title: Democratic capitalism at the crossroads : technological change and the future of politics
Author: Boix, Charles
CallNo: 338.064 BOI
Publisher: Princeton University Press , 41 William Street,Jersey City,United States , 2019 Detail

Title: East Asian Strategic Review 2019
Author: NIDS
CallNo: 355.033 NID
Publisher: NIDS , Not Available , 2019 Detail

Title: Erdogan's empire : Turkey and the politics of the Middle East
Author: Cagaptay, Soner
CallNo: 956.104092 CAG
Publisher: I B Tauris Publishers , Eleni Nakou Foundation New York,New York,United States , 2020 Detail

Title: Ethics and military strategy in the 21st century : moving beyond Clausewitz
Author: Lucas, George
CallNo: 172.42 LUC
Publisher: Routledge , 11 New Fetter Lane, ondon EC4P 4EE, London, United Kingdom , 2020 Detail
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